Early History

In 1983, Finn Jacobsen made the decision to open a new independent soil fumigation company, Soilfume Inc. Mr. Jacobsen and three tractor drivers fabricated a few trucks and tractors just in time for the 1984 fumigation season. At that time, fumigation was limited to coastal strawberry production fields.

In 1999, the next major move was to install Raven computers (assisted with GPS units) on the tractors to disburse the fumigants more accurately. A more recent move, in 2012, was to begin using Hot Glue technology with totally impermeable film (TIF). TIF film allows fumigants to stay in the soil longer, and provides better protection for the public. Hot glue is also environmentally preferable, as there is far less waste after the fumigations are completed.

Present Day

Presently, Soilfume Inc. fumigates strawberry nurseries from the central valley in California, all the way to southern Oregon and has expanded its fumigation to chemigating Tri-Clor Chloropicrin and K-Pam HL in Strawberry Beds. These two materials, along with experience, provides similar to superior control in comparison to Methyl bromide.

Soilfume inc. is also expanding its Fumigation inventory to begin applying Dominus, a new Bio fumigant. Dominus is registered in many other states, and is expected to have California Registration in 2017.

In addition to this, Soilfume Inc. also sells Agricultural Chemicals.